Online video poker is a game of skill based on the legendary Five Card Draw Poker of the Wild West. It’s a game that promises to provide impressive winnings largely due to its much celebrated low house edge.

Although poker in its purest form has been played for hundreds of years in the bustling saloons, Mississippi riverboats and early gambling houses of the USA it was only in the 1970s with the advent of the PC that poker made the great leap from B&M platforms to the World Wide Web!

There are countless versions of video poker available at the best Canadian online casinos all of which have their own rules, strategies and payout percentages. There are single hand variants, multi hand variants, multi deck variants and those that offer wilds to enhance your win percentage. Check out our listing of the best online video poker variants at and then head to the virtual tables for a betting bonanza.

  • Double-Down Stud – a no draw version
  • Joker Poker – joker is wild
  • Deuces Wild – two is wild
  • Bonus Poker – four of a kind delivers the highest payout percentage
  • Double Bonus Poker – four aces generate bonus wins
  • Double Double Bonus Poker – great bonus payouts for different four of a kinds
  • Jacks or better – traditional five card draw

Online Video Poker Betting Basics

The aim of the popular card game is to accrue the best five card hand based on the standard poker winning hands listed below. Once you’ve anted up you’re dealt five cards. If you’re not that enamoured with the deal you’ve got one opportunity to discard as many cards as you want for replacement ones. After the draw the dealer pays out according to published odds if your hand matches any of the winning poker hands:

Practice Video Poker

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Online Video Poker Winning Hands

  • Royal flush – 10 to Ace of the same suit
  • Straight flush – five cards of the same suit in sequence
  • Four of a kind – four cards of the same number
  • Full house – a pair plus three of a kind
  • Flush – five cards of the same suit
  • Straight – five cards in numbered sequence
  • Three of a kind – three cards of the same rank

  • Two pair – two cards of one rank combined with two cards of another rank or number
  • One pair – two cards of the same number

Online Video Poker Strategy

There is no basic video poker strategy. Each version has its own best play format that is usually available at the top online betting guides. According to professional card sharps video poker offers the best value for your gambling dollar as long as you’re able to play in a mathematically precise fashion set out for you in complex strategy charts.

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