Online slots are dynamic i-gaming opportunities that are more popular than any other casino game on the planet. These simple games of chance fall into three basic categories – classic reel slots, multiline video slots and progressive jackpot slots where constantly accumulating jackpots are the main attraction. Although there are countless versions available online the aim of the game is to match symbols across active paylines for structured payouts.

Free Online Slots

Why Play Online Slots?

Today’s slot games are artistic masterpieces that integrate sophisticated technologies into game play to deliver cinematic leisure activities comparable to Hollywood blockbusters. Animated characters that explode on the reels, polished sound tracks synchronised to the gaming action and entertaining bonus games are all integral to the best slots online. To find great games with multiple bonus features and impressive payouts check out our compilation of high end online slots featured below at!

Reel Slots

At the best Canadian online casinos you’ll find all the popular online slots genres. You’ll be able to choose from a series of classic 3 reel and 1 line games that are identified by three large reels that dominate the playing area. These are replicas of the fruit machines and one arm bandits of the B&M casino that first popularised slot games all over the world. Symbols are generally limited to all time classics that include lucky sevens, bells, bars and cherries.  Although single line reel slots don’t have all the awesome features of new generation video slots they do offer impressive wins comparable to other slot game categories. A great reason to play classic reel slots is they offer the best odds of all!

Video Slots

New generation video slots are exquisite multiline 3D gaming options that feature high tech software, artistic gaming areas and animated characters that march across the reels. They are feature rich packing free spins, multipliers, interactive bonus games, random prizes and special symbols capable of ramping up payout probabilities. All artistic styles from extraordinary photo-realism, comic book style to imagery that would be more fitting in the Louvre is well represented. Game themes span timeless tales, legendary myths, nursery rhymes and hit movies that have been transposed from the silver screen directly onto the reels.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

There’s a series of super rich online slots that are linked to progressive jackpot networks. These are designed for high rollers intent on breaking the proverbial bank. Internet based jackpot wins are no small potatoes; there’s a small legion of brand new millionaires out there who have snapped up huge lump sums playing progressive games online. The only hitch is you have to bet max to be in with a chance!

Online Slots Playing Tips

Play for free until you’re familiar with the game rules, select slots with the highest payout percentages, never go over your betting budget and try and capitalise on casino bonuses offering free game time. Explore the dazzling fantasy world of premier online slots by reading our game reviews at!