Online Roulette is a timeless parlour game that has been played in the opulent salons of Europe and America for centuries. Players wager on where they think a spinning ball will land on a rotating wheel. Technological advancements in casino software have enabled game developers to re-create all the gaming apparel at the best Canadian casinos online.

You can now play this endearingly popular game with a few clicks of the mouse. Although Roulette is largely based on luck there are a couple of handy hints that can enhance your chances of scooping up impressive wins. To find a version of online Roulette that best suits your betting budget check out our extensive casino games compilation listed at!

Introduction to Online Roulette

There are two accepted versions of Roulette. European Roulette features 37 numbers that range from 0 to 36 while American Roulette has thrown in an extra couple of zeros creating a gaming format based on 38 numbers that stretch from 00, 0 to 36. The rules, bet types and betting layout are exactly the same in both versions of the game.

There are two parts to online Roulette; the physical gear that comprises a wheel and ball and a betting layout that consists of 37 or 38 numbers depending on the version you are playing. These numbers are arranged in three columns comprising three groupings of 12 in black or red and correspond with numbered segments in red or black on the Roulette wheel.

Bets are made by placing chips in pre-determined betting zones on the layout. The dealer spins the ball in one direction while rotating the wheel in another. When the ball stops it slips into one of the numbered slots and winning bets are paid out at fixed odds!

Bet Types

There are two major bet types in online Roulette – Inside bets that offer rich payouts with long odds and outside bets that pay out a lot less but are more likely to win. Popular bet types with a high probability of generating a win include red or black, even or odd and high or low. Straight or single inside bets where you wager on one number pay out the richest odds of all at 35:1!

Practice Roulette

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Playing Tips

Take advantage of free to play games offered by the best Canadian online casinos so that you can fine tune your game without any risk. Always bet on outside chances. Even though the returns are minimal you can come out on top if you play patiently and consistently over a long period. Only play at casinos that offer the best payout percentages and choose those that have included the surrender or no prison rule into play. You will get half or your entire betting stake back respectively should the ball land on zero!

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