Canadians have a long standing affection for all things casino related and to pay tribute to this unwavering loyalty, we here at have put together a list of the best Canadian Online Casinos. Our list has been tailor made to suit the online gamblers living in Canada and will focus predominately on the aspects of online casinos that appeal to Canadians and the ones that will make their online gambling experience more enjoyable and more convenient. All the information on our site has been researched by various industry experts and all the casinos on our site have been thoroughly tested with the resultant reviews being completely unbiased. We have made sure that all the casinos on our site are both safe and enjoyable to play at which will ensure that, should you choose to play at a casino we have recommended, you will be guaranteed an exceptional online casino experience.

Our Online Casinos

The Online Casinos found on our site have been meticulously chosen by us to ensure that you will play at the best online casinos, the ones that we ourselves play at and the ones that we would recommend to anybody and everybody. Our reviewing process was one that was painstakingly arduous, but it was a process that we felt was not only needed, but one that you, our loyal follower deserved. Our judging criteria includes all the aspects of Canadian Online Casinos that we feel you would appreciate the most and the ones that will have an active role in making sure you enjoy the time spent playing online.

Online Casino Reviews

Our Reviewing Process


This is quite possibly, the most important aspect of a casino that should be considered before you sign up and deposit money. The software provider used by the casino will have a direct hand in making your online gambling experience, either extremely good, or horribly bad.
For this reason, we have only chosen a few of the most competent software providers, the ones that we feel, will make your time spent playing online casino games, simply brilliant. The software providers are:

The casino platforms created by these companies are among the best we have ever encountered and as such, will allow the entire online casino to run smoothly, without any unnecessary interruptions. Everything from the casino lobby to the banking and support pages have been designed to be completely user friendly, an important factor for any online gambler.


Should anything go wrong during your gaming time, we have ensured that all the casinos offered on our site have a dedicated support staff that will be on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They will be able to answer any questions and deal with any complaints. This will ensure that whilst you are playing, you will never be more than a phone call, mouse click or email away from a helpful and friendly consultant.

Casino Games

The software provider used by the casino also has an active role to play in the quality of the casino games on offer and the overall gaming experience. Part of the software reviews we conducted was the quality of casino games on offer. After all, they play an integral part in your experience with the casino, they are what you go to play and they will be one of the main reasons to visit the casino again. Companies like Microgaming have over 500 games to play, whereas companies like BetSoft and Net Entertainment have fewer games, but they are of a much higher quality, some even include 3D graphics. If the games on offer cannot provide entertainment or if the casino is mismanaged and the games continuously stall and stop, your experience will be fairly horrible, especially if wins are voided due to technical errors. For this reason, we have paid close attention to the games and we have made sure that they are not only brilliant to play, but that they will not close unexpectedly and ruin your evening.

Banking: Deposits and Withdrawals

Banking on any normal day is a hassle that I am sure we would all rather avoid but at an online casino, it can be a complete nightmare if things are not done properly. For this reason, we have ensured that all the online casinos found on have made sure that depositing playing money and withdrawing any winnings is as simple as it is possible to be. Not only do the casinos we recommend have a variety of easy-to-use online banking methods, we have also made sure that they offer the banking methods to players from Canada and that all banking can be done in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Canadian Casino Bonuses

Even though an online casino bonus will not make or break your overall casino experience, they should still be offered to loyal players and new members as a reward for them showing loyalty to the casino. Like it is in a Vegas Casino when a guest is “comped” a room or a meal, it shows the casino appreciates your patronage. The casino bonus is the online version of a comp and when it is given to player, it shows that they made the right decision in choosing to play with that particular casino. For this reason, all the Canadian Online Casinos on our site will always offer their players generous bonuses to show their appreciation.

Meticulously Reviewed For Your Gaming Pleasure

All the Canadian Online Casinos found on our site have been meticulously chosen and we honestly believe them to be the best places to play online casino games. Everything has been laid out to ensure that any time you spend playing the likes of Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette or Craps, is nothing short of brilliant. Should you need any more information on anything related to Online Casinos in Canada, browse through our site. we have casino and game reviews, a section dedicated to casino bonuses and even a few strategy guides that will help you win more next time you choose to play at Canadian Online Casinos.