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An online casino does not need to be located in Canada in order for Canadian players to enjoy it. In fact, many of the top online casinos enjoyed by Canadians are located in other countries. Some of the most popular, well-known and established online casinos are physically located in Europe. However, they create a forum for Canadian players to enjoy.

America banned online casinos a few years ago. This created a number of difficulties for American players because they had to find ways of playing their favourite games by breaking the law. However, in 2013 the State of New Jersey decided to legalise online gambling. New Jersey is one of the most densely populated of America’s 50 states. States in America have the ability to change and review internal laws and legislations. Although online gambling is banned throughout America, states do have the capacity to change their own laws. This has been the case in New Jersey.

Many Canadian players were interested to see what type of online casinos might be developed from the American state. However, legislation states that online gambling in New Jersey will only be offered to individuals who are physically in the state. This means that Americans can only legally play at an online casino from New Jersey. In addition, any online casinos which are developed and created in New Jersey can only be played by New Jersey residents.

New Jersey will implement screening in order to locate where players are playing from. Players will also be required to sign up for online gambling through a casino based in Atlantic City.

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Kansas Gambling Ban Failed Wed, 10 Apr 2013 14:24:03 +0000 Continued]]> Kansas Gambling Ban Failed

A gambling expansion bill was passed in Kansas, a state located in the Midwest part of the United States. The bill sought to build and establish a new land based casino in the state’s South Eastern corner. The problem is that this was a non-gambling zone. The bill also included a ban on online gambling which would make playing games such as poker and slots online illegal. It is believed that this was added into the bill to appease anti-gambling legislators in south east corner of Kansas.

The Senate Bill 2055 would have seen the amendment pertaining to online gambling occur on a separate vote. However, senators who had originally voted to add to the amendment switched their vote once they were able to get a look at the final and complete bill.

The bill would have banned slot games in certain gaming venues until 2032. It would also have seen a reduction in growth and development of other land based casinos in the area. The south east corner of the state is one of four gambling zones in Kansas. However, it is the only one which has not attracted casino development. Legislators of this zone were supporters of the bill, seeing it as an opportunity to bring economic growth to the area. However, the bill’s amendment would have made online gambling illegal. The activity would have been classed as a Class B misdemeanour and would have seen some very strict penalties. In fact, a fine of up to $1 000 and a 6 month stint in jail would have been possible.

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Girls with Guns Player wins big Mon, 08 Apr 2013 14:22:29 +0000 Continued]]> Girls with Guns Player wins big

Microgaming released the popular Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat early in 2013. Microgaming is one of the most popular online casino software providers. Over the years they have provided players with a large array of slots and table games. They have been known to provide players with games that have a fantastic array of graphics and top notch audio. They paylines of their slot games have also been very popular with players. They are well known for their 243 ways to win payline.

Girls with Guns has already proven very popular among players. It has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. In addition it has a theme that has proved to be very popular. It follows the adventures of 5 beautiful army women as they try and take down an evil drug lord in jungle.

During Easter a lucky player at Casino La Vida won a huge payout. JM chose to play Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat as a way to relax during his holiday period. He won a payout of €24, 210. However, JM continued playing and won an additional €66, 000. This is usually unprecedented for a slot game that is so new on the market.

Victoria Lamonte, Casino La Vida’s Promotions Manager, was thrilled about the win. She stated that in his debut week the slot game has already paid out over €100 000 in winnings. Lamonte went on to say that the game is still proving popular with many players continuing to win.

The slot game was already receiving credit for its high definition graphics, animation, sound effects and resolution. If you would like to play the slot game it is recommended that you visit a Microgaming casino.

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Betsoft Launches New Mobile Slots Thu, 04 Apr 2013 13:54:09 +0000 Continued]]> Betsoft Launches New Mobile Slots

Betsoft is one of the leading online casino software providers. Betsoft has created over 150 online casino games. They are well known in the industry for creating a range of casino games such as Safari Sam, Under the Sea, At the Movies, Black Gold as well as a wide range of table games. Many players visit Betsoft run casinos to play favourites such as Blackjack, Craps, Lottery, Poker and Roulette. Betsoft is also famous for their 3D animation. Many of their slot games feature 3D animation which is similar to popular modern animated films. They also pioneered the first 3D poker online poker games. They have become one of the top online software providers in the online casino community. Some of their competitors includes Microgaming and Playtech.

Betsoft casino games are available on a variety of platforms including the mobile. They have provide a range of various casino games for their mobile players. They have released a collection of ToGo mobile casino games for players on the move. Betsoft’s head of product development Anthony Locke stated that “Mobile is the future, and in recognising that, we have developed the best mobile slots in the industry.” Locke went on to say that the slot games will have cinematic 3D animation and that they will be launching about two or more mobile games per month.

The first new mobile slot is After Night Falls. It’s a 5 reel, 30 line slot game with a mystery theme. It will also have bonus features and wilds. The second ToGo slot game is At the Copa. This is a salsa themed slot game that has 3 jackpots and a bonus game. The games have been optimised for iOS devices. Betsoft has promised players an exciting and prolific mobile casino experience.

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Playtech Profits Soar Wed, 03 Apr 2013 14:24:30 +0000 Continued]]> Playtech Profits Soar

Playtech, one of the largest online gaming software suppliers, has seen their profits soar. Playtech is a well known brand in the online casino community. Over the years they’ve supplied players with popular casino games such as live dealer poker games, roulette, bingo and blackjack. They’ve also created a number of slot games that includes The Mummy, Iron Man 2 and Halloween Fortune. Their slots have included progressive jackpot, cinematic spins and 3D graphics. Playtech has been around since 1999. Playtech, along with software providers such as Microgaming and Betsoft, is considered one of the leading online casino software providers.

Playtech saw its profits soar last year like never before. In addition Playtech expanded into new markets. Mor Weizer, Playtech’s chief executive, hinted that investors were more than likely going to see a large chunk of the stake in William Hill. William Hill is an online bookie firm which is invested in Playtech. He stated that “We have to decide what the capital return to shareholders will be.” He also stated that Playtech will grow via acquisitions. He also stated that Playtech will see more growth because the US online gambling market is opening.

The UK’s second largest bookie will also be working with Playtech in the near future. They tie up will be recognised by a website revamp.

Playtech’s profits rose dramatically in 2012. The profit rose up to an incredible 49%. This was a $145.3 million. Revenue also rose 54%. Investors were also happy because shares have almost doubled in the last year and have rose by 4.5%. Weizer stated that he believes that Playtech will continue to grow in 2013.

Playtech casino games have been very popular with Canadian players for many years. It is estimated that in 2012 Playtech casinos were some of the most sought after casinos on the net.

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Apple violates online gambling rules Wed, 03 Apr 2013 14:24:05 +0000 Continued]]> Apple violates online gambling rules

Apple, one of the most trusted brands, may have violated Australian online gambling laws. Apple is well known for creating a number of elegant electronic devices such as the iPad, iPod, Mac computer and the iPhone. They have also created a number of apps that allows online casino players to enjoy gambling from various devices such as the Mac, iPhone and iPad. However, Australian online casino players were left surprised when it came out on Sunday that Apple may have breached online gambling laws in Australia by offering online gambling apps.

Australian senator Richard Di Natale stated that, “We don’t allow online poker in Australia for Australian people under the Interactive Gambling Act … they [Apple] have got an obligation to take down apps that are against Australian law and they should do it.” The apps have been tested and they have been found to be working.

A review of the finding will be presented by the Australian gambling reform committee. They will be providing evidence that many illegal online gambling operators work in Australia. Illegal online gambling sites are extremely dangerous and Australians can lose up to a billion AD a year. This is because illegal online gambling sites are not secure and are not endorsed by TST labs. Although Apple has not been accused of any illegal activities in Canada it is important that players still keep a watchful eye on Canadian online casino. It is beneficial to all players to play at secure and trusted online casinos. Find online casino advice at reliable casino information sites. Check that your online casino is TST approved, is 100% secure, uses a well-known software provider and has a number of deposit methods. Your safety should never be compromised when playing at an online casino. Although online gambling can be fun it can also be dangerous if you do not follow some safety rules.

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Skrill offers casino loyalty prizes Tue, 02 Apr 2013 13:06:42 +0000 Continued]]> Skrill offers casino loyalty prizes

Skrill (known as Moneybookers) is rewarding points to loyal VIP members at various online casinos. Skrill has been one of the most popular online casino deposit methods in Canada for a number of years now. They have been providing players with what is considered to be a safe and trustworthy deposit method for a number of years. Skrill is a digital payment organisation which provides customers with a method to send, spend or pay online. They offer a number of payment solutions for players. Skrill offers payment methods for both businesses and individuals. It is a popular deposit method for online casino players.

Skrill has partnered with Initial Rewards in order to create a new loyalty points store for customers that they consider VIP. This includes online casino players who use their Skrill accounts to fund their hobby. The points allow customers to earn points for cash prizes and special offers from big name online and land based stores.

There has been a significant growth of online casino players you use Skrill. They have recently introduced another payment method called PaySafeCard. This allows payments to made at an online casino without having to share your bank details. This has resulted in many players opening a Skrill account.

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eCOGRA recognizes Microgaming Tue, 02 Apr 2013 13:03:56 +0000 Continued]]> eCOGRA recognizes Microgaming

Microgaming has long been considered one of the most popular online casino software providers. The software provider has announced that they have been awarded eCOGRA’s Certified Software Seal after it was found that the company met all the EGBA Standards for online casino software providers.

These standards are set by the European Gaming and Betting Association and eCOGRA is considered the most reliable online casino accredited testing agency. They are based in London but are recognised internationally. They also provide an international framework for the way in which to run online casino software.

Andrew Beveridge, the Chief Executive Officer of eCOGRA stated that Microgaming is well known for their commitment to responsible and fair gambling. The online casino software industry is well aware of Microgaming’s reputation as a leading online casino software provider. Beveridge also stated that eCOGRA does not give out their seal of approval lightly. There are a strict number of conditions that the software provider has to adhere to.

Microgaming currently runs over 150 online casino sites around the world. It is considered one of the most popular online casino software providers. It also has over a 1000 games on offer and it can be played at an online or a mobile platform.

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Easter Casino Bonus Deals Tue, 02 Apr 2013 13:02:27 +0000 Continued]]> Easter Casino Bonus Deals

Many people are getting ready for a long weekend filled with Easter treats and fun. Many online casinos are joining in the fun and creating a number of Easter bonuses. Online casino fans will find a number of these bonuses at popular Canadian online casinos. Many of the bonuses are set to run from March 29th until April 1st 2013. The trend towards celebratory casino bonuses is not new. Many players look forward to Christmas specials during the festive season. The Easter bonuses are no exception. They provide players with an exciting way to enjoy their long weekend.

Why Play During Easter

Easter is an especially prosperous time for online casinos. Many online casinos see an extra boost in player activity during this period. This is understandable when you consider the benefits many players find from playing during a seasonal period. For example, players do not have to attend work, they have more time to enjoy themselves and they’d also like to win some extra money. The festive themed bonus specials are usually highly prolific and provide players with an opportunity to play for longer than they previously would do. It is recommended that you check to see which only casinos have the better deals.

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Canada Casino Mon, 11 Feb 2013 08:29:28 +0000 Continued]]> Canada Casino

As a Canadian player you will benefit greatly from playing at a Canada Casino since they offer services that are specific to your requirements. Since players from different demographic regions aren’t necessarily able to use the same banking methods it is essential that you check out whether they do offer options that are supported in your country. By choosing a Canada Casino you are guaranteed to find multiple Deposit Methods and withdrawal options that will allow you to convenient perform online transactions at the casino. Canadian players can also enjoy banking with Canadian Dollars which makes it so much easier because you don’t have to worry about currency conversions. Choose a top Canadian Casino for an authentic gaming experience that has your needs in mind! If you want an Online Casino Game where you can just Relax then Play Online Slots! Canada is home to some very keen gamers with thousands of residents taking up in the activity every day. For this reason there is a need for high quality casinos that are tailor-made for Canadian players. Some of the internets’ best casinos are Canadian Casinos and they all generally offer high quality entertainment all ‘round with all the Casino Games they offer. Choosing a Canada Casino that will offer you a personal gaming experience depends on what you are looking for exactly in terms of game selection and bonus options. One Canada Casino might offer a better Slots Sign-Up Bonus in comparison to another or you might have a specific Deposit Method in mind. Check out fantastic reviews of top Canadian Casinos to find the right one for you. Since the Canadian gaming industry is so competitive, players can benefit from really lucrative Sign-Up Bonuses, Game-Specific Ongoing Promotions and loads more when joining a new casino. Casinos also offer Loyalty Programs where you receive complimentary points as you wager, that can later be redeemed for free cash. Find a Canada Casino that offers the best VIP Club where you will receive exclusive rewards such as additional re-load bonuses and extra Loyalty Points with higher conversion rates. Playing as a High Roller at a Canada Casino will also give you access to exclusive rewards such as tailor-made promotions and even birthday gifts! Enjoy an authentic experience at a Canada Casino that has all of your preferences covered. 

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